Thursday, October 4, 2012

Woman Down!!

I've been a bad runner. I haven't run at all this week. But there's a legit reason! I promise!!

I got sick.

Not just sort of sick, I mean really, gut wrenching, writhing in pain sick.

I've struggled with bowel issues most of my life, so dealing with cramping and (sorry for the TMI) diarrhea has never been a big deal. But this past week, I've been having to go every 30 minutes and feeling just plain miserable. I've never, in my life, ever had the runs this bad.

So, like I told my sister on the phone yesterday, the runs are preventing my runs.

HA HA HA! Potty humor gets me every time!

But seriously, I'm going to doctor tomorrow to get this straightened out. Let's hope it passes soon. And let's hope I don't die of dysentery like on Oregon Trail.

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